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Travel Insurance Primer for Cruise Travelers

June 23, 2016 6:59 pm Published by 7,616 Comments

The last thing most of us think about when we plan a cruise is the list of elements that can go wrong before and during our vacation. While it’s important to research the best beaches, lunch spots and shops to visit during your days in port, it’s equally important to spend a few minutes thinking about protecting the investment you’ve made.

The good news is that in recent years cruise lines have really stepped up to the plate to make good on cruises that have gone wrong due to a ship’s mechanical problems. Case in point: In September and October 2014, Holland America Line had to cancel three Canada/New England voyages on Veendam due to propeller issues. The line did its best to make travelers “whole” by offering a full refund plus out-of-pocket costs for revising travel plans (such as rebooking airline tickets).

When you hear stories like that, you may be tempted to forgo travel insurance because, hey, the cruise line’s got you covered. However, there are a host of other issues that can scuttle a vacation: personal illness, the illness or death of a family member, cancellation of plans by a travel companion, airline delays, lost baggage or a travel agency going out of business — none of which would be the responsibility of the cruise company. In these instances, travel insurance provides the greatest protection.

Sometimes, purchasing insurance is a no-brainer because you want to cover easy-to-foresee issues. For example, your elderly mom has been getting sick more often these days, and it’s possible the illness will flare up and you’ll need to cancel your trip in order to stay home and care for her. Or perhaps you’re traveling to an exotic destination for a once-in-a-lifetime splurge. You certainly can’t afford to lose all the money you paid months (even a year) in advance, should something prevent you from taking the trip. Sometimes, though, trouble pops up in ways you’d least expect. It’s good to be covered just in case — especially when insurance fees are usually just a small percentage of your vacation expenditure.

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